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Sl Location Area Whether Land Lease If land lease is Remarks.
No.     is obtained or not not obtained, reason for  
      (If it is) Lease No. not obtaining should be stated  
      should be indicated If so, what is the progress  
1 2 3 4 5 6
1 Tlabung Zodin (Division Office 16.00 Bigha 14/93    
2 IB Complex at Tlabung. 6.00 Bigha - Sl.No.2-4 application for allotment  
of land lease is applied vide
3 PWD Coloney at Zodin. 5 Bigha - T.O No.M/TB-29/96-97/7  
4 SDO PWD, Complex at Lungsen. 6 Bigha -    
5 SDO, PWD, Complex at Chawngte. 5 Acre VC Pass No.31 of 12.6.1982    
1 Division Office at Old Saiha        
2 PWD IB at Saihatlangkawn        
3 PWD Coumpound at N.Saiha        
4 PWD SDO Qtr.at Leirawhchan veng, Saiha tlangkawn 2304m2 Donated by MADC   MADC.G.14011/1/89-90   dated 31.8.89
5 PWD Land at Niawhtlang        
6 PWD Land at Lungbun        
7 PWD Land at Chhuarlung        
8 PWD Land at Chakhang        
9 PWD Land at Siata        
10 PWD Complex at Tuipang 111556m2      
11 PWD Land at Serkawr        
12 Site for PWD Godown at Meisatla 1000m2     MADC.G.14011/1/89-90   dated 4.7.89
13 PWD IB at Diltlang 1257m2 No. No. Donated by Pi Lalchhani
14 PWD Complex at Lawngtlai        
1 Rahsi veng, I/C area, Lunglei. 1.09 Bighas No.DLP 32 of 1999    
2 Chanmari-II, Lunglei Office. 0.31 Bighas No.DLP 33 of 1999    
3 PWD Rest House at Sertlangpui, Lunglei 2.98 Bighas No.DLP 73 of 1997    
4 SDO & Staff Qtr.at Luangmual, Lunglei 0.98 Bighas No.DLP 29 of 1996    
5 PWD Magazine at Zobawk, Lunglei. 15.75 Bighas No.DLP 125 of 1991    
1 IB Complex, Champhai 1.15 Bighas DLP-19 of 1997    
2 PWD Complex, Champhai Bethel veng. - Nil

Action had been taken for obtaining Land Lease. But due to the complaint lodged by the private party by mean of Court Notice served to PWD the Land Lease is not yet obtain. The reply of the notice as well as the report is connection with the joint verification by SDO PWD and aSO-II Champhai had been sent to Cheif Engineer in the month of June/99 . No further progress till today.

3 IB Complex, and Staff Qtr.at Hnahlan. - Nil

Due to confusion on demarcation line from private sectors. Land Lease is not yet obtained since the area demarcation is yet to be finalised. The Village Authority is being requested for final demarcation of PWD Land

4 IB Complex at Farkawn - Nil -do-  
5 SA Qtr.at Zote - Nil -do-  
6 Rest House at Khuangleng - Nil -do-  
1 PWD IB at Khawzawl 3387.62m2 Lease No.77/1991 -  
2 PWD Complex at Khawzawl 80087.00m2 Not Sl.No.2-11 are applied for land lease to Area of Sl.No. 2-15 are not
3 PWD Land at Lungpho 69924.00m2 Not Director Land Revenue & Settlement vide put approximately.
4 PWD Land at Sialhawk 20235.00m2 No. under Secretary, PWD No.C-29018/2/89-  
5 PWD Land at Chawngtlai 220.00m2 No. PWB dt-2-2-1990 replied is not received  
6 PWD Land at Khawhai 2050.00m2 No. till date.  
7 PWD IB at Biate 520.00m2 No.    
8 PWD Land at Kawlkulh 2995.00m2 No.    
9 PWD Land at Mimbung 550.00m21 No.    
10 PWD Land at Ngopa 4200.00m2 No.    
11 PWD Land at N.E Khawdungsei 12000.00m2 No.    
12 PWD Land at N.E Bualpui 2705.00m2 No. Sl.No.12-15 no action taken for land lease.  
13 PWD Land at Rabung 620.00m2 No.    
14 PWD Land at Khawkawn 1000.00m2 No.    
15 PWD IB Complex at Khawhai 5420.00m2 No.    

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