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            Ministry of Road Transport & Highways, Govt. of India declared Sairang-Mamit-Manu roads as National Highway-44 A on 6.1.1999. The roads takes off near Sairang village which is 19 Km away from Aizawl on NH-54 and passes through Lengpui village, Rawpuichhip village, Mamit town and Tuidam village and join Tripura State.

LENGTH : 130 Kms


i)          Sairang to Lengpui (11.50 Kms) sector.

Formation cutting & Permanent work are completed. Construction of pavement work is in progress and will be completed soon. This portion of road when completed will reduce the travel time from 11/2 hrs to 45 minutes from Aizawl to Lengpui Airport.

ii)         Special Repair Programme : A total length of Rs. 51.00 Kms has been completed.

iii)         Improvement of riding quality, construction of missing culvert and retaining walls for 75.50 Km have been completed during the next dry season.

iv)            Consultancy services for preparation of DPR of R.Tlawng bridge and R.Tut bridge are in progress.

2.            NATIONAL HIGHWAY 150:

            MORT&H, Govt. of India declared Seling- Tipaimukh road as National Highway 150 on 6.1.1999. The road takes off near Seling and passes through Khawlailung, E.Phaileng, Darlawn, Raru, N.Vanlaiphai, Darlawn, N.Vervek etc and connects Tipaimukh,

LENGTH: 140.00 Km


i)                    Improvement of riding quality, construction of missing culverts and retaining walls for 70.00 Kms and work order for the remaining 44.00 Kms has been recently issued and expected to be completed by March 2004

ii)                   Rehabilitation of Bailey Bridge over R.Tuirini is completed.

iii)                 Consultancy services for preparation of DPR of R.Tuirini Bridge is in progress


            MORTH & H Govt.of India declared Panchgram Bairabi Bilkhawthlir as National Highway 154 on 2.10.2000. The road starts from Panchgram (Assam), passes through Bairabi and connects Bilkhawthlir located on National Highway 54.



            Strengthening, improvement of riding quality, construction of missing culverts and retaining walls for a length of 46 Kms are taken up and 21 Kms are expected to be completed soon and the remaining portion will be completed in the next dry season.

            Estimate for the balance (12 Km) portion Bilkhawthlir Buhchangphai amounting to Rs.14.88 crores has been submitted to MORT & H.

            Construction of double lane R.C.C. bridge over River Sesih at 19 Kmp and over River Tuichhuahen at 31 Kmp amounting to Rs.283.28 lakhs was recently approved and execution of work will be carried out shortly.


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