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5 - BASE


Sl No Description Unit Rate
30 Providing, laying, spreading and compacting graded stone aggregates to  Wet Mix Macadam specifications including premixing the material with water at OMC in mechanical mix (pug Mill),  carriage of mixed material by Tipper to site, laying in uniform layers in sub base/ base course on a well prepared underbase and compacting with vibratory roller to achieve the desired density including lighting, guarding, barricating &  maintenance of diversion etc. complete. (By Mechanical Means with 1km lead for mix material). cum Rs.1,710.10
  (Rupees one thousand seven hundred ten and paise ten) only.
31 Providing, laying, spreading and compacting stone aggregates of specified sizes to Water Bound Macadam specification including spreading in uniform thickness, hand packing, rolling with Power Roller 8-10 tonnes in stages to proper grade and camber, applying and brooming required size type of screening / binding materials to fill up the interstices of course aggregates, watering and rolling and making necessary earthen bund to protect edges, lighting, guarding, barricatings and maintenance of diversion etc. complete.    
A - IRC GRADE - II (63-45mm)    
(a) By Manual means. cum Rs.1,579.00
      (Rupees one thousand five hundred seventy nine) only.
(b) By Mechanical means. cum Rs.1,474.10
      (Rupees one thousand four hundred seventy four and paise ten) only.
B -  GRADE-III (53-22.40mm)    
(a) By Manual means. cum Rs.1,612.90
      (Rupees one thousand six hundred twelve and paise ninety) only.
(b) By Mechanical means. cum Rs.1,508.00
      (Rupees one thousand five hundred eight) only.



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