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Sl No Description Unit Rate
79 Providing and filling at the back of abutments, wing walls, retaining walls etc. and below pipe bed in layers not exceeding 150mm thick including watering and compaction.    
(a) Good local sand free from earth. cum Rs.1,088.30
      (Rupees one thousand eighty eight and paise thirty) only.
(b) Selected granular material in filling. cum Rs.678.10
      (Rupees six hundred seventy eight and paise ten) only.
(c) Filter media (stone boulder) behind abutment, wing walls and return walls. cum Rs.843.10
    (Rupees eight hundred forty three and paise ten) only.
80 Filling available excavated earth (excluding rock) in trenches, sides of pipes in culverts etc. in layers not  exceeding 20cms in depth,  consolidating each layer by ramming and watering, lead upto 50 meters and lift upto 1.50 meters. cum Rs.32.00
  (Rupees thirty two) only.


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