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Sl No Description Unit Rate
7 Clearing grass and removal of  rubbish upto a distance of 50 metres outside the periphery of the area cleared. By manual means . sqm Rs.0.62
  (Paise sixty two) only.
8 Clearing and grubbing road land including uprooting rank vegetation, grass, brush shrubs, saplings and trees of girth upto 300 mm, removal of stumps, disposal of unserviceable material and stacking of serviceable material upto 100 metres from road boundary.    
(a) By manual means.    
  i ) In area of light jungle. sqm Rs.2.48
      (Rupees two and paise forty eight) only.
  ii ) In area of thorny jungle. sqm Rs.3.71
      (Rupees three and paise seventy one) only.
(b) By mechanical means. sqm Rs.1.69
  ( for all classes of jungle ).   (Rupees one and paise sixty nine) only.
9 Clearing jungle including uprooting of rank vegetation, grass, brush wood, trees and saplings of girth upto 30cm measured at a height of 1m above ground level and removal of rubbish upto a distance of 50 metres outside the periphery of the area cleared.    
(a) By manual means.    
  (i)  Light jungle. sqm Rs.1.92
      (Rupees one and paise ninety two) only.
  (ii)  Medium jungle. sqm Rs.2.88
      (Rupees two and paise eighty eight) only.
  (iii)  Heavy jungle. sqm Rs.3.84
      (Rupees three and paise eighty four) only.
10 Cutting of trees including cutting of trunks, branches and removal of stumps including stacking of serviceable materials within a lead of 100 metres and eart filling in the depression/pit.    
(a) Girth above 30 cm to 60 cm. no Rs.76.28
      (Rupees seventy six and paise twenty eight) only.
(b) Girth above 60 cm to 90 cm. no Rs.149.73
      (Rupees one hundred forty nine and paise seventy three) only.
(c) Girth above 90 cm to 180 cm. no Rs.381.38
      (Rupees three hundred eighty one and paise thirty eight) only.
(d) Girth above 180 cm to 270 cm. no Rs.635.63
      (Rupees six hundred thirty five and paise sixty three) only.
(e) Girth above 270 cm. no Rs.1,525.50
      (Rupees one thousand five hundred twenty five and paise fifty) only.
11 Felling, uprooting and removal of big bamboo clumps (girth measured at 1m above ground level).    
(a) Girth from 270 cm to 1100 cm. no Rs.228.70
      (Rupees two hundred twenty eight and paise seventy) only.
(b) Girth above 1100 cm. no Rs.343.00
      (Rupees three hundred forty three) only.
Note : Bamboo clumps of girth less than 270cm shall be included under normal Clearing of  jungle item.    
12 Clearing road side vegetation, brush shrubs, mooli bamboos, overgrown grass etc. including removal of rubbish away from existing road formation.    
(a) Light vehicle road. km Rs.1,171.90
      (Rupees one thousand one hundred seventy one and paise ninety) only.
(b) Medium truck road (VR, ODR, etc.) km Rs.2,172.30
      (Rupees two thousand one hundred seventy two and paise thirty) only.
(c) MDR, SH and NH, etc. km Rs.2,944.00
      (Rupees two thousand nine hundred forty four) only.
13 Clearing landslips including removal of spoils upto 30m.    
( for recently deposited earthwork ).    
(a) Ordinary soil. cum Rs.30.10
      (Rupees thirty and paise ten) only.
(b) Rock debris ( blasting not required ). cum Rs.45.60
      (Rupees forty five and paise sixty) only.
(c) Rocks ( blasting required ). cum Rs.145.60
      (Rupees one hundred forty five and paise sixty) only.
(d) Rocks ( chiseling works required ).   Rs.272.00
      (Rupees two hundred seventy two) only.
Note : Earthwork for landslips deposited before monsoon which has had full monsoon on it shall be considered as a normal earthwork in excavation.    


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