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Sl No Description Unit Rate
88 Providing and fixing of precast reinforced cement concrete 1 : 2 : 4 (1cement : 2sand : 4aggregate 20mm nominal size) kilometre stone of standard design and finishing with 12mm thick cement plaster 1 : 3  including painting and printing letters and earthwork etc. complete.    
(a)  5th Kilometer stone. each Rs.1,656.20
      (Rupees one thousand six hundred fifty six and paise twenty) only.
(b) Ordinary Kilometer stone. each Rs.973.10
      (Rupees nine hundred seventy three and paise ten) only.
89 Painting two coats on kilometre stones after filling the surface with synthetic enamel paint in all shades on plastered concrete surface. sqm Rs.50.60
  (Rupees fifty and paise sixty) only.
90 Printing new letters and figures of any shade with synthetic enamel paint black or any other approved colour to give an even shade.    
(a) Hindi (Matras commas and the like not to be measured and paid for. Half letters shall be counted as half). per cm height per letter. Rs.1.00
  (Rupees one) only.
(b) English and Roman (Hyphens and the like not to be measured and paid for). per cm height per letter. Rs.0.70
  (Paise seventy) only.
91 Painting and printing letters on kilometre stones with synthetic enamel paint of approved colour to give an even shade.    
(a) 5th kilometre stone. each Rs.398.60
      (Rupees three hundred ninety eight and paise sixty) only.
(b) Ordinary kilometre stone. each Rs.211.00
      (Rupees two hundred eleven) only.
92 Painting road surface marking with adequate no. of coats to give uniform finish with ready mixed road marking paint on bitumunous surface including cleaning the surface of all dirt, scales, oil, grease and foreign materials etc. complete.  (Only area of painting to be measured).    
(a) New work (two or more coats). sqm Rs.70.80
      (Rupees seventy and paise eighty) only.
(b) Old work (one or more coats). sqm Rs.44.40
      (Rupees forty four and paise forty) only.
93 Providing and fixing kilometre post of jungle hearth wood round post 15cm average dia., 1.6m long with 1st class local wood plank lettering board 15cm x 30cm x 38mm including painting the board and printing of kmp no. with synthetic enamel paint of approved colour and coal tarring portion below ground, earthwork etc. all complete. each Rs.336.60
  (Rupees three hundred thirty six and paise sixty) only.


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