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121 Construction of temporary bridge 3.00m clear roadway with round jungle wood piles/fender piles (where nescessary) of 20cm average dia. 5 nos per row driven 180cm to 240cm below ground with 2m pile row to pile row and 20cm average dia. round jungle wood bearing beams, long beams and wheel guards; 15cm average dia. round jungle wood decking closely packed and railing post at every 1m apart, and horizontal and diagonal bracing 10cm average dia. round jungle wood, railing and struts of 10cm average dia. round jungle wood, and wheel track of 5cm average dia. round jungle wood 0.6m wide for both tracks complete with coal tarring including all iron fittings, nails etc. complete. Rm Rs.4,199.10
  (Rupees four thousand one hundred ninety nine and paise ten) only.
122 Supplying at the site timber (Jarul, Nihar, Sal or Thingri and Thingsia ) piles of required length and sections. cum Rs.5,500.00
  (Rupees five thousand five hundred) only.
123 Labour for driving timber piles including two coats of coal tarring complete.    
(a) Portion below ground actually driven.    
  (i)   20 cm average dia. Rm Rs.519.50
      (Rupees five hundred nineteen and paise fifty) only.
  (ii)  25cm average dia. Rm Rs.529.50
      (Rupees five hundred twenty nine and paise fifty) only.
(b) Portion above ground.    
  (i)   20 cm average dia. Rm Rs.144.90
      (Rupees one hundred forty four and paise ninety) only.
  (ii)  25cm average dia. Rm Rs.149.90
      (Rupees one hundred forty nine and paise ninety) only.
124 Providing undressed wood work in site timber 1st class local wood including fitting and fixing with necessary bolts, nuts, spikes, straps, nails, etc. and coal tarring two coats complete. (bearing beam, long beam, decking, wheel guard, bracing, railing, struts, etc.) cum Rs.5,665.00
  (Rupees five thousand six hundred sixty five) only.
125 Supplying, fitting and fixing R.S. beams, M.S. angles, M.S. tees, M.S. channels, bed plates, iron bolts in semi permanent bridges. qtl Rs.4,688.40
  (Rupees four thousand six hundred eighty eight and paise forty) only.
126 Labour for refitting old RSJ beams including cutting to size, drilling holes and providing two coats of anti-corrosive paints. qtl Rs.1,465.20
  (Rupees one thousand four hundred sixty five and paise twenty) only.


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