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Sl No Description Unit Rate
132 (a) Cement mortar 1:1 cum Rs.8,455.50
  (1 cement : 1 fine sand)   (Rupees eight thousand four hundred fifty five and paise fifty) only.
(b) Cement mortar 1:2 cum Rs.6,269.70
  (1 cement :2 fine sand)   (Rupees six thousand two hundred sixty nine and paise seventy) only.
(c) Cement mortar 1:3 cum Rs.5,178.30
  (1 cement : 3 fine sand)   (Rupees five thousand one hundred seventy eight and paise thirty) only.
(d) Cement mortar 1:4 cum Rs.4,231.70
  (1 cement : 4 fine sand )   (Rupees four thousand two hundred thirty one and paise seventy) only.
(e) Cement mortar 1:5 cum Rs.3,722.00
  (1 cement : 5 fine sand )   (Rupees three thousand seven hundred twenty two) only.
( f ) Cement mortar 1:6 cum Rs.3,285.10
  (1 cement : 6 fine sand)   (Rupees three thousand two hundred eighty five and paise ten) only.
133 (a) White cement mortar 1:2 cum Rs.31,412.20
  (1 white cement : 2 marble dust).   (Rupees thirty one thousand four hundred twelve and paise twenty) only.
(b) White cement mortar 1:3 cum Rs.26,771.40
  (1 white cement  : 3 marble dust)   (Rupees twenty six thousand seven hundred seventy one and paise forty) only.
(c) White cement mortar 1:5 cum Rs.20,058.60
  ( 1 white cement : 5 marble dust)   (Rupees twenty thousand fifty eight and paise sixty) only.


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