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596 Construction of temporary building with the following specifications :    
Posts 15cm average dia. jungle wood round, 60cm to 90cm driven below the original ground, 20cm high earth plinth properly compacted floor, 50mm average dia. whole bamboo frame for walls with double layer bamboo turja walling, jhap doors and windows, two machans in each room 90cmx180cm size, height of building 275cm above plinth complete including clearing jungle 5m all round  the building (measurement is to be taken from the centre of the end posts to the centre of the other end posts).    
(a) Bamboo shingles roofing. (double layer). sqm Rs.1,179.40
    (Rupees one thousand one hundred seventy nine and paise forty) only.
(b) 150 mm thick matured sungrass roofing. sqm Rs.1,066.00
    (Rupees one thousand sixty six) only.
(c)   100mm thick matured sungrass roofing. sqm Rs.959.90
    (Rupees nine hundred fifty nine and paise ninety) only.


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